Dubenec č.p. 1
544 55 Dubenec

tel.: 604 274 008,
        603 257 405




Wedding should be an unforgettable experience giving you just the best memories. Let us take care of your special day by preparing your ceremony and decoration, complemented with tailored lunch, banquet or feast.



To make your wedding day perfect we are able to provide:

- Outdoor/indoor facilities for ceremony and wedding lunch

- Flower decoration

- Tailored wedding menu

- Wedding cakes and sweets

- Outdoor barbecue

- Accommodation

- Professional photographer

- Live music or other cultural program upon your wishes

In cooperation with the wedding saloon “Popelka” we provide complete service for newlyweds (hairdresser, make up stylist, wedding dresses and flowers).




In case of any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us for at 420 603 495 207 or email:

We are looking forward to seeing you!